The All-Time-High Package

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  • 30-days after-care support
  • Access to ClickUp during  the creative process
  • Invite to GitHub for secure file access on hand-over
  • You will be provided with a questionnaire after purchasing to start the process



The All-Time-High Branding Package includes everything you need to establish and start a strong and cohesive brand identity with all the neccessities needed to hit the ground running and be seen in a huge Crypto environment.

This package includes:

A logo design that represents your business and its values
- There will be 2 concepts provided to choose from.
- There will be 4 revisions included after the final concept has been picked.

A brand guideline that outlines the proper usage of your logo, typography, and colour palette
- A brand style guide is a digital rulebook that specifies every aspect of the look and feel of your brand.

Source Files that will be useful for digital and print format. PNG, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG
- PNG is a transparent lossless image great for web.
- AI is an editable Adobe Illustrator files perfect for creating and editing your logo file if you ever need to.
- EPS is a vector file format often required for professional and high-quality image printing.
- PDF is a very common file type and can be viewed in a finder window, web browser, or Adobe Acrobat Reader.
- SVG is short for scalable vector graphic file, is a standard graphics file type used for rendering two-dimensional images on the internet.

Social Media Kit & Milestone Graphics
- There will be cover photos and profile pictures to suit each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord and Telegram).
- You will be provided a based template to be used in Canva or your preferred design software to continue making your own graphics.
- There will be a set of milestone graphics for social posts for each social platform, from 100 - 20,000 members.

GitBook Setup
- GitBook is a modern documentation platform where teams can document everything from products to internal knowledge bases and APIs - great for documenting your whitepaper on the fly with updated information outside of a professionally designed whitepaper.

Pitch deck Template (editble)
- We will design and create a pitch deck template that you can use on Google Slides or Canva - let us know your preferred platform and we can design it on there for you, you will have access to a collection of pre-made slides, after we create your pitch deck you can update it without any issues.

Whitepaper Design
- We will design only your custom professional Whitepaper in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign up to 50 pages. Any additional pages we will be required to charge per hour for the remaining pages. We have a flat rate of $75/hr with 2 hours minimum for hiring general add-on work - This can be discussed before purchasing the package if you think it will exceed 50 pages. The front cover, contents page and back cover are not included in the 50 pages of content in the Whitepaper. You will need to provide the Whitepaper in a Google Docs document for easy access - we are not accountable for spelling mistakes, please check your work carefully, there will be proofs before publishing a PDF version of your Whitepaper.

Litepaper Design
- We will design only your Litepaper based off your provided Litepaper content in a Google Docs document. this can be saved as images or PDF, depending how you prefer it to be used.

10-15 second Logo Intro Animation
- We will design a short intro video based off your final logo design with sound or without sound.

ClickUp Access 
- You will have access to a premium team management software during the creative process where you will be invited to particiapte actively and provoide instant feefbck and see updates throughout your creative journey with us. This is where you will share all your assets; Whitepaper document links, images, and any information you think we can use for your business. This is also where we will be setting deadlines and presenting you with expectations and milestones. In general, the All-Time-High Package may take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to complete depending on revisions and feedback turn-around. We find the longest set backs are clients providing feedback to move things along. We cannot wait longer than the deadlines provided at the beginning of the project so if a project goes over a deadline due to lack of communication we will be required to charge for additional time carrying over the agreed alotment of time. We understand life can get in the way at times.

The All-Time-High Branding Package, you'll have all the tools you need to consistently present your brand to the world. Our team of experienced designers will work with you to create a brand that truly reflects your business and resonates with your target audience. Invest in our All-Time-High Branding Package and take the first step towards building a powerful and successful brand.

Need more?

We also offer add-ons that compliment our packages. This may include video editing, web3 dev building, DApp design and much more. If your project requires additional content outside of the package please send us a message before placing the order and we can arrange a quote. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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